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Accetta e Chiudi
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From 2012 he is a member for the project "Pathways to Urban Mobility" at the KTH in Stockholm. The project aims to promote international research projects, to identify the best practices and innovations that deserve to be implemented.
He carried out scientific research and seminars at various international universities, including: Thecnology Royal Institute of Stockholm University, University of Freiburg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), University of Coimbra, Community of Research and Practice (CORP) in Amsterdam.
Since 2012 he is a member of the research project of the Volvo Research Foundation (VREF) for the creation of a research center of excellence on urban mobility of goods in the future; in cooperation with the University of Singapore, KTH Stockholm, MIT Boston, University of Naples, Linkoping University.
He has taught in several international courses. Since 1995 teaches the yearly course on Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA.
Since 2012 he is member of research project “InTraNet: Advancing Interurban Transportation Network Planning” University Of Coimbra.
Since 2011 he is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Future Mobility project in the MIT and Singapore SMART program and president of the scientific commetee of Italian Motorist Assosiacion (ACI) and of NETLab, r&d unit of the multinational group NET.
He has been director of the Second Special Project on Transportation Research of the Italian National Research Council (seven years duration, 150 million EURO value) from 1997 to 1999.
He is the author of several books, including “Transportation system engineering: theory and methods” (Kluwer, 2001) and “Transportation Systems Analysis: Models and Applications”(Springer, 2009) and of more than one hundred papers published in International journals and proceedings.
He is editor of a series of books on Transportation published by Franco Angeli in Italian.
He acted in the scientific committees of a number of international journals such as Transportation Research, Transportation Science and Transportation Policy. He acted as scientific committee member of several international conferences such as World Conference on Transportation Research (Vice-Chairman) , Conference of the International Association of Travel Behaviour Research, Tristan.
He is an appointed member of the Transport Research Board of National Research Council (USA).
He has been the scientific responsible of research units in the context of several UE research programmes in DGXIII and DGVII such as DYNA, AIUTO and TRACE. Took part as on expert to the international committee for the design of the EURET 2 Project and 4th Framework program appointed by DGVII.
Main research areas include planning of High Speed Railways and regional metro systems, analysis, modelling and estimation of transport demand, static and dynamic models for traffic assignment, multimodal network planning , supply design models for transit and traffic systems, traffic theory and circulation on motorways, analysis and control of traffic congestion in urban areas.

Prof. Ing. Ennio Cascetta - Full Professor Transportation Systems Planning - University of Naples Federico II